5 Compelling Reasons to Make the Shift to Natural Living

If my introduction to Natural Living wasn’t compelling enough for you and you need some more convincing like I did, this is the article for you.

Here’s why I’m making this lifestyle shift.

  1. Produce Less Waste
    Stop right now, and take a walk around your home. Inspect all your trash. Look at all the little trinkets here and there. Where is it all going to go when you decide  you don’t want it anymore? In a landfill, probably down the street from you. You know where the trash in the landfill goes? Into our soil, which goes into our city’s water system, and infects the soil in which we grow our food (for those of us who still do that). Basically, our trash is destroying our beautiful planet, and it’s time we take a stand, and stop wasting so much.
    Switching to an all natural lifestyle will help tremendously in the process to eliminate waste, by not demanding more supply from companies who sell chemical products in plastic bottles. It also helps because you will be reusing a lot of glass jars that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash.
  2. Save Money
    People pay for ease, and companies know that. Tooth paste only costs about $0.35 to make, yet most of us pay anywhere from $3 – $7 dollars for a single tube. Stop this nonsense, take five minutes you would have spent on the toothpaste isle deciding on the right brand, and make your own.
  3. Cleaner Home
    Less waste means less trash, means less clutter, means clean home. Yay! Seriously though, when you realize you don’t actually need so many products, it’s almost like your home cleans itself.
  4. Balance Hormones
    If the first 3 points weren’t convincing enough for you, please please please look into this more. We pile so many chemicals on our skin (our body’s largest organ) daily, we consume chemicals, and then we breathe it in every day. These chemicals have been linked to cancers, weight problems, skin problems, and much more. Using all natural products can help tremendously in reducing your risk for imbalanced hormones, and even cancer.
  5. We were made for this
    From the beginning of time, we didn’t have machines making products and bottling them in plastic for us. We had plants. We had the earth. We managed to survive thrive for thousands of years. Shifting to all natural living shouldn’t worry you – we were made for this.

I could list 100 other reasons to shift to all natural living, but I’ll save that for a later time. I hope these reasons cause you to consider what a great impact simple changes can have.




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