The Shift to Living Naturally

Recently I decided to make a huge lifestyle change – I’m going to quit using mass produced, man-made chemical products, and switch to home-made, all natural products.


I’ve been using some natural products here and there for a couple of years now, but there have been certain things I just can’t seem to give up – hello mascara. However, at the beginning of 2016, I happened upon a blog called Trash is for Tossers; a blog about a girl who started living a zero-waste lifestyle. Watching her videos and reading her blog completely opened my eyes to how much waste we produce without thinking twice about it, and how harmful the products that we use are. That’s when my conviction outweighed my laziness, and I decided to that it had to be an all or nothing choice.

I’m making the shift to living naturally.

However, because the thought of going all natural is a completely daunting task to me, I’m going to do it gradually, and ideally, inexpensively. If you’ve ever made DIY products, you know that the initial investment can really take a toll on your bank account. But I’m a huge fan of saving money, hence making all my own products, reusing and recycling.

I’m going to be documenting my journey over the next year to share insights with you. My goal is to be completely natural by January, 2017. I invite you to embark on this journey with me to make small changes daily that result in a complete lifestyle shift. In a year from now, you will look back and be surprised at how much easier the shift was than you thought!

In this category of my blog, I’ll share recipes and DIY’s I find, as well as tips, and my personal reviews of the products we are making. I hope you find these things useful as we embark together to make the shift!

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