How to Grow Your Own Kitchen Veggies

Today’s do-it-yourself is more of a “Grow it yourself”, featuring items you can grow right out of your kitchen! Whether you have a green thumb or not, this is a fail-proof way to grow almost anything.

All you need is a mason jar, water, and the root of the vegetable. My personal favorite is green onions, because they grow back completely within a day or two! You can follow the same rules with many vegetables, such as lettuce, celery (my sister’s favorite, but I hate celery), and even pineapples! The ultimate goal is to transplant your plant into soil, but if you prefer growing them in water, make sure to keep the water clean by changing it frequently.

Follow these simple steps to start growing your own vegetables today!

Step 1
Use your green onions (or vegetables) in your favorite dish.

Step 2
Fill mason jar with water, and submerge roots into water.

Step 3
Watch your new plant bloom!

TIP: Make sure to trim your green onions when they are fully grown to prevent bolting (when the flower begins to bud). You should not eat green onions once they have bolted, but they do make pretty plants, so fear not, they still have value.

Image Source: Happily Rambling



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