How to Get Stuff Done (When You Can’t Seem to Find Motivation)

I work from home so that means a lot of distractions, and a lot of potential for days when I get absolutely nothing done.  We have all had those mornings when we wake up, it’s raining a little bit, and it’s just the perfect time to sleep all day and do nothing. So on those days, how do we find motivation?

I can’t say I’ve reached the ultimate secret to success… Honestly, some mornings I still hit snooze 4 times before convincing myself to at least pick up my phone and scroll through social media for an hour. However, I have found when I practice certain routines, it’s easier for me to get stuff done and be motivated to do so.

How to get stuff done when you can’t seem to find motivation:

  1. Choose to be happy
    This is probably the most important, and the most challenging. We tend to wait for happiness too often, thinking “I’ll be happy when X, Y or Z happens.” We’ve all thought it a thousand times, “I can’t wait to get off work” as if happiness waits for us outside of work. Or “I can’t wait for Friday” as if happiness is only an option on weekends. Often times, people wait to be happy until they can have that glass of wine they’ve been dreaming about all day. Waiting to be happy is no way to live. When our happiness depends on temporary satisfactions, we will never be truly happy. Weekends come to an end, we have to go back to work, and wine runs out.. So then what? When we choose to be happy, we are stronger individuals.I try to be intentional about waking up every day and choosing to be happy for that day. Especially on days when I’m already feeling annoyed at life, choosing to be happy and focus on the good really shifts my attitude and sets a positive tone for the day.
  2. Dress as if you might run into the president
    Seriously, get up and get dressed every single day. This has helped me so much. I feel more confident and excited, and hey, who knows, what if I do run into the president one day? At least our selfie game will be on point because I’ll be prepared for it.*PRO-TIP: While I get ready for my morning and apply makeup and fix my hair, I use this time to work on my attitude. I figure if I can spend 15 minutes a day on my outward appearance, I can spend 15 minutes on my inward attitude. This is where choosing to be happy really comes into play. Think about things you’re grateful for, and things that you aren’t and what you can do to have a better attitude about those things. It makes a difference.
  3. Write down your goals
    I try to write down at least 3 attainable goals for today. I choose 3 or 4 goals that I know I can achieve because it boosts my self esteem when I accomplish those and makes me feel like I’m getting stuff done, and it also keeps me on track with where I’m trying to head in life. Besides, who doesn’t love checking things off a checklist? It’s just fun.

1. Take Lemon to the dog park
2. Wash sheets
3. Finish work project by 2pm

4. Set aside a “Power Hour”
My sister told me about this one, and it truly helps. When you really need to hone in and focus on work, set aside a power hour in which you shut off (or silence) your phone, don’t check e-mails, don’t get on social media, etc, and simply work. After the power hour, reward yourself with something (for me, it’s usually a cup of coffee or a stroll around the block with my dog).

5. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing
Whatever it is that you’re trying to motivate yourself to do, remind yourself why it’s so important for you to do. For me, I have aspirations I’m working towards, such as being a business owner. I currently work full time as a contractor, I have a small photography business as well, and I blog on the side for fun. Sometimes I get tired and want to quit everything, so when I get demotivated about working so hard or saving money, I remind myself that the whole reason I’m doing this is so that one day, I can have my coffee shop. I’m saving money so I can have my coffee shop. I’m practicing business routines so I can run a successful coffee shop. It keeps me excited and looking forward to achieving my dream.

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we will have days that we don’t get a lot done. Don’t let it get to you. Waking up and getting out of bed is sometimes the biggest achievement you can do – so don’t fret.

Stay happy my friends!




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