3 Things You Should Know About Minimalism

You may have noticed the rising trend of minimalism recently. I know I have noticed, and to be quite honest, I was slightly irritated at first. I’m a minimalist, and I was a minimalist before that word was even in my vocabulary, so when the trend started rising I felt as if my  prior minimalism lifestyle was suddenly invalid. I had to google search, “What is minimalism?” before coming to the realization that I kind of fell into the category of fellow minimalists. 

For a while, I didn’t want to admit to being a minimalist for fear that people would assume I was following a trend.

But either way, so what?

I’m no longer irritated at the trend, and now I’m actually thrilled about it. The US is such a consumer-mindset country, so I’m excited to see a trend of only “consuming” what you need. We need more minimalists here. 

My journey through minimalism has taught me so much, but I’m just going to share 3 facts, or lessons, so to speak, that I’ve learned through it.

3 Things You Should Know About Minimalism

  1. You can still be unique and show your personality
    After I discovered the term “Minimalism”, I felt that I needed to comply with what I thought it meant. I already had very little, because I don’t find it necessary to buy something unless it has a specific use, but suddenly, I felt like I needed to buy things that only had the “minimalist look”. That is, very simple looking, modern, and probably white. I almost wanted to purge everything I had that wasn’t white, which honestly wasn’t much – I only had a bed and bookshelf at the time. Nonetheless, I’ve learned that I don’t need to buy a certain style in order to fit into this class of minimalism. My apartment now is very glam/chic, yet minimal. I have one couch, one chair, one coffee table, a night stand, a bed, and a desk. My dishes are also very minimal, I only have what I need. But the style is still unique to my taste. Granted, I absolutely love white and I love clean looking furniture and simple designs.. But my living room consists of my purple couch, my DIY white coffee table with a gem stone knob (I’m very excited about my gem-stone knob), and a faux fur rug. I love the style, and it’s still minimal. Win Win.
  2. There is no “Right” way to be a minimalist
    The goal is simply eliminating clutter, and only keeping things that have a purpose. Some minimalists may only keep 1 fork, 1 spoon, and 1 knife, while others may have a full set and use them when they have guests over.
    Others may find things such as “flowers” to be unnecessary and therefore eliminated, but to me, keeping fresh flowers around DOES have a purpose – that is, it’s pleasing to me. They make me happy.
    Just be you – eliminate what you don’t need, and keep what you do.
  3. Minimalism is a lifestyle, not a just a trend.
    We aren’t trying to be hip or trendy. We simply live this way because it’s liberating. When you have less, life is just less stressful. There is less opportunity for stuff to get lost, and typically we take better care of the things we do have because there is a limited supply.
    Example: Something as simple as getting dressed in the morning – when you only have 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts, it’s a lot easier to pick out an outfit.
    *PRO TIP: You also save labor when it comes to doing laundry. So worth it.

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Image: Keep It Simple

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