Fall 2016 Fashion Basics (101)

Fall is my favorite season (okay, well maybe every season is my favorite..), but fall is especially fun. Scarves, boots, new textures, new season color palette, and of course, ALL THE PUMPKINS.

Fall Basics For Your Wardrobe (101)

Upon examining fashion trends, there are 3 main trends you will want to look for: Colors, Materials, and Articles.

Colors: This is the color palette trend you will be seeing for this season. From the clothes you see in stores, to the covers of magazines, the color pantone will mandate what’s being sold. Here is the color pantone for this 2016 Fall Season.


If you don’t have these colors in your closet, don’t fret, and don’t feel like you need to go buy things to match this. This is simply a palette to guide people on good colors that go together for the season. Now, if you DO find you need something and you want it to look more autumn-like, get something in this color pantone. You can also spice up your makeup look for the fall by incorporating these colors in your blushes and eye-shadows.

Materials: Trendy textures to look for and materials that will be good for this season

  1. Leather
    Leather pants or a leather jacket is the perfect piece to take your outfit from bland to bold. Or if you’re really feeling hardcore, go for an all black leather dress. Classy and mysterious – almost like you’re cat woman.
  2. Suede
    Suede is super soft and fun to feel. It’s more on the “heavy” side so it will keep you warm on those chilly nights.
  3. Layers
    Still have that strappy summer dress you want to wear, but it’s a bit too chilly? Throw on a simple long sleeve T-shirt under it. Layers are the best way to keep your summer pieces around a little longer.
  4. Pleating
    Pleated skirts and dresses! Very elegant and popular. Go for it!
  5. Velvet
    Velvet is another fun texture to feel. A simple velvet dress will keep you feeling warm and looking classy.

Articles: These are the versatile articles of clothing you can wear this season. You may be seeing more of these on the rise, partly for trendiness, and partly for their usefulness.

  1. Leather Jacket
    I bought a faux- leather jacket in the fall of 2012 and I still have it to this day. I loveeee this jacket. It’s super cute, and the perfect thing to layer on my fall outfit.
  2. Booties
    Booties all around. I find these shoes to be both extremely trendy and useful. Summer is coming to an end and my sandals have been loyal to me, but it’s time to cover up my little toes. Booties can be styled a million different ways, and they’ll be great to have around for winter too!
  3. Treggings
    Okay, if you’re anything like me, you’re already judging this evolution of “leggings” but hang on. They are actually pretty freaking awesome. I was really skeptical about this next trend, but after doing some searching, I’ve decided that I’m digging it.
    So what are treggings?
    Trousers meet leggings. It’s the perfect pair of pants to throw on when you’re wanting to feel comfortable but still look sleek and professional. They fit like leggings, but look like trousers. Get some.
  4. Choker Necklace
    I still imagine those cheap plastic ones you’d get out of gumball machines, so I was really hesitant about bringing back the choker. But again, I’ve seen them worn correctly enough to open my mind up to it, and now I really like it. It’s a very defining piece of jewelry as it defines and slims your neck.*Trend Alert: Find a nice velvet choker necklace to incorporate a trendy texture & look.

The main thing I noticed about the rising trends this season, is that we’re basically back in the 80’s. It’s kind of weird, but I never got to live through the 80’s so I’m thrilled to get to explore that side of fashion. So access your inner 80’s child and have at it.

Happy Fall!




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