Tips on How To Keep a Clean Home

Hello lovelies! Something that makes me beyond happy is having a clean living space! I don’t always have time to clean every day but I have quick daily habits and routines that help me stay on top of my chores. Here are a few things I have found to be most helpful when it comes to keeping a clean home!

How To Keep A Clean Home

  1. Minimize
    It’s much easier to keep a clean home if you minimize the amount of things you own – that way there’s less to clean. Every season change, I try to re-evaluate my belongings and donate things I haven’t found use for. It’s important to be aware of what you own so that you don’t over shop.
  2. Clean as you go
    An age old trick, but it makes all the difference. If you are making lunch, wash your dish as soon as you are finished with it. Your sandwich might have to sit on the counter for a whole minute before you get to eat it, but at least your knife and cutting board will be clean and put away.
  3. Keep cleaning supplies handy
    I try to keep all-natural cleaning wipes in both my kitchen and bathroom. About once or twice a week, when I finish putting on my makeup I’ll take a cleaning wipe and quickly wipe down everything in my bathroom; counter tops, door handle, light switch, sink, toilet, and then quickly use my Clorox toilet wand to sanitize my toilet.

    Voilà, my bathroom is clean and the best part is it only took me a total of two minutes. If I didn’t have my cleaning supplies handy, I would probably get too lazy by the time I walked all the way to my cleaning cupboard to get the cleaning supplies and tell myself I’ll do it later, and then it would never happen (let’s be honest).

  4. Set designated times/days for certain tasks
    I like to have a “laundry day” to help me keep on top of it. Otherwise I don’t really realize how long it’s been since I’ve done laundry and before I know it, it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve washed my sheets, and that’s just gross.
    When I was living in a rental home, Saturday was always lawn day. Sometimes it was hard to wake up early to mow the lawn or weed-eat, but it was rewarding to have a clean lawn.
  5. Store and organize
    Having proper storage and organization can really transform the look of your home. Everything should have a designated spot to be at when it isn’t in use. Even my car keys and sunglasses have a designated spot right when I walk in so that I don’t lose them and add more clutter to my apartment. If your living space doesn’t have a lot of storage options, it’s a great idea to buy floating shelves (like these). They aren’t too expensive and it’s the perfect place to put your books, jewelry, pictures, and other things that could get lost floating around your home.*PRO TIP: If you have several items sitting on a surface, simply put them in a tray to keep the surface looking more organized and clean. This makes a huge impact on the aesthetics of a room.
  6. Keep surfaces free from clutter
    Following tip no. 5, when you keep your surfaces free from items, your home appears to be cleaner. If you use multiple things on one surface (like coffee supplies in your kitchen), use the tray technique to keep the surface clean looking. Otherwise, store everything else that doesn’t have immediate use away.
  7. Clean your floors
    If you want to instantly have a cleaner home, clean your floors. Sweeping or vacuuming an area only takes a few minutes, and it makes all the difference. My apartment is mostly wood floors and sometime I can’t see if they are dirty or not – until I sweep. It’s almost as if the wood has a sparkle to it again that just makes my apartment glow. The same goes for carpets, when they are vacuumed, the room looks polished and clean.
  8. Make your bed
    Mother knew best when she bugged you to make your bed. Your room could be a disaster, but if your bed is made it instantly makes your room appear more put together. Not only that, but making your bed in the morning has more positive effects on you than you know (find out why here).

Those are several of the habits I practice daily to keep my home clean and polished. I hope you found these life-hacks helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get my updates delivered straight to your inbox.




Image: Gaia Health Blog

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