Minimalist Fall Fashion

Alas, cooler weather has finally blessed Texas with its company – and I’m thrilled. I love fall in particular because I am a fan of dressing modestly, and during the Texas summer heat, dressing modestly is really challenging and uncomfortable.

Welcome Fall, we’ve been waiting for you. 

The Modest Minimalist

Neutrals are a minimalist must. Why? Because neutral colored items go with everything, meaning you can piece together more outfits out of a selection of less.


I love this grey jersey tank from H&M because of the high neck line. It’s not quite as warm as a turtle neck, so it’s perfect for fall. It’s simple, classy and modest.



Confession: I always struggled to read analog clocks until recently. Even though I learned how in school, I never had to use the knowledge with the abundance of digital clocks around. However, when I decided I really liked the convenience (and look) of watches, I decided it was time to learn how to read analog clocks.



Simple details and accessories can complete an outfit. While still minimal, the right accessories are a perfect way for you to show your individuality.


What I Wore

Top: H&M Jersey Knit Top $9.99

Pants: Target – WHO WHAT WHERE $8.98 (Originally $29.99)

Shoes: Marshall’s –  Bandolino $39.99

Watch: H&M $19.99

Rings: Target $3.98 (Originally $9.99)

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