Fall Decorations For The Minimalist

Who says minimalists can’t join in on the holiday fun and decorate?

Decorations don’t have to be excessive, and they don’t have to be expensive either. I’ve always been somewhat anti-decorations simply because it seems very consumer-minded: buy all these decorations, only to throw them away/ store them away for the remaining 11 months of the year. It seems like such a waste of time and money to me. However, I’ve found that it just feels like the holiday spirit isn’t as strong without the joy in little decorations here and there. So – I set out this year to find decorations that would be both affordable and minimal. Here are some fall themed decoration ideas to keep your home feeling festive, while remaining clean and minimal.


  • Plants

    Plants add so much life to a home! Adding plants around your home is a great way to decorate for the season, while still keeping a simple and clean look to your place. If you live in an area where you can pick your own plants, that’s a plus! I find it relaxing to go outside and hunt for pretty things to decorate with. The best part about picking plants is it’s completely free! Just make sure you aren’t picking plants illegally (such as state flowers, plants out of someone’s private property, etc), and watch for little bugs that like to reside in flowers.

    The best thing about plants is that they are completely Eco-Friendly. You’re not contributing to the over-consumption of plastic and synthetic decorations. After your plants die, you can throw them out and give back to the earth.
    Pro Tip: Wash and reuse all your glass containers. I love reusing class jars because it means I don’t have to spend money on mason jars and vases, and they look really pretty and unique.Fall Decorations (6 of 10).jpg
    Fall Decorations (9 of 10).jpg
  • Gourds

    I love pumpkins and squash because not only do they add tremendous fall spirit to a room, most of them are edible! How often can you eat your decorations? It’s a win-win.
    And of course, the same thing goes for gourds as far as being eco-friendly. Not only do you get to consume them, you can compost the remains and not worry about adding to the waste in this world.
    Fall Decorations (2 of 10).jpg

  • Fragrance

    Nothing says “autumn is here” more than a sweet and warm aroma upon entering one’s home. And fragrances can be eco-friendly too! I like to diffuse essential oils (Particularly THIEVES during this season) or boil orange peels+ginger+cloves+cocoa for a warm and delicious smell. Burning synthetically fragranced candles might smell nice, but it’s not the best for the environment, and it also lowers the air quality in your home. Air quality is especially important as the seasons change and the risk for catching a cold and the flu spikes.

My list of decorations is quite minimal, but it’s all I need to get in the spirit of fall. What are your favorite fall-time decorations?




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