Practice These Simple Habits To Have A Great Morning

Sometimes waking up is so hard. Especially now that the weather is cooling off… our beds are a warm and safe place that we never want to leave.

Since I’ve been working at home for the past 3 months, I’ve experienced those mornings when logic is far outweighed by my desire to sleep. Work no longer seems important, and I convince myself that staying in bed longer will actually help me work better… It rarely (if ever does) by the way.

I’ve tried to put these habits into practice in the morning to see if they actually would make a difference, and they really do! It no longer takes me 30 minutes to get out of bed, now it only takes 15 minutes. Still a work-in-progress! Haha.

Simple Habits

  • Set your alarm away from your bed so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. 
    I know it’s tempting to check social media until your eyes shut the night before, but if you’re serious about waking up the next day, set a curfew for yourself. After the curfew, set your phone away from your bed and go to sleep.
  • Don’t check social media or e-mails right when you wake up!
    This is a time sucker, and if you’re like me, you lie back down in your warm bed and check social media for 30 minutes, risking the possibility of falling asleep again. I have a general rule to avoid social media until I’m having breakfast or have already gone through the majority of my crucial morning routines.
  • Stretch while you’re still in bed.
    I haven’t quite yet become one of those “morning workout” people, but I can convince myself to stretch my arms and legs while I’m still lying in bed. This is my happy medium, and surprisingly, it does help to wake me up! It gets my blood flowing and helps me feel less like a zombie.
  • Drink water right when you wake up. 
    I keep a glass of water on my nightstand so that when I wake up, I can sit up in my bed and drink water. I feel like this allows my brain to wake up while hydrating my body.
  • Turn on fun music. 
    I like to turn on up-beat music in the morning to help me feel energized and get my focus right. I love happy worship music because it helps me turn my focus towards God and joyful things.
  • Pray!
    This gives your soul a minute to calm down before you shift into FULL WORK MODE. I like to thank God for everything I’m grateful for, because I know He’s blessed me far more than I deserve. Starting my morning off with an attitude of gratefulness really helps me throughout the day.
  • Before you sleep the night before, get excited about something happening the following morning (or day).
    If I’m being honest, sometimes having a cup of coffee in the morning is the thing I look most forward to when I’m going to sleep. I’m legitimately excited to wake up to drink my coffee. I mean sometimes it changes, depending on the day. But I always try to get excited about the next day before I sleep, even if it’s a silly thing.
  • Work on your attitude.
    Most of us spend anywhere from 10 minutes, to 2-hours working on our appearances every day: Getting dressed, fixing your hair, putting on makeup, making sure your eyebrows are on fleek, etc. But how much time do we actively spend on our attitudes? I like to focus on developing a good attitude while I’m putting on my makeup. This is also a good time that I use to pray and ask God to show me anything about my attitude that I need to fix. I’m not perfect, and I definitely forget to work on my attitude on a lot of days, but it’s something I would like to make a daily habit!

Do you have any morning habits that really help you get going? Let me know in the comments 🙂




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