Opa Coffee & Wine Bar | ATX Coffee Vibes

img_01242050 S. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78704

Tiffany and I visited Opa Coffee and Wine bar this past Tuesday and it was so fun! It was my first time there but she had been before so she showed me the ropes! We had a blast playing ping pong, sipping on delicious coffee, munching on snacks, and having heart to heart chats.



  • Good working/study Environment (They have Free Wifi)
  • Great place to hang out with your friends!
  • Live music Thursdays – Sundays!
  • Great outside patio!

The atmosphere was awesome with a huge outdoor patio wrapping from the front to the back, complete with games including shuffleboard and ping pong. Inside, there is also plenty of seating and fun board games.

Each table had an interesting book or two placed on it as well, for those looking to catch up on good reads while they sip their coffee or adult beverage.



  • Coffee & specialty coffees!
  • Wine & Beer & Mixed drinks!
  • Greek snacks & entrees!
  • Decently priced!
  • Awesome Happy Hour Deals!

I ordered a Greek Coffee and Tiffany ordered an Almond Milk Latte. My greek coffee was fantastic and unique – quite difficult to explain the flavor, all I know is that is was GOOD. It was something similar to Turkish coffee with very rich and earthy tones! Tiffany also ordered the Pita snack plate for us, which had hummus (topped with Kalamata Olives – YUM), cucumbers, tomatoes, and pita bread. So delicious!

Final Thoughts


We definitely loved Opa and would go back for sure! Not only for the tasty food and drinks, but for the fun atmosphere and live music on the weekends as well. Check out our full review below!


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