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1007 S Congress Ave, Ste B11, Austin, TX 78704apanas-2-of-14

This past Tuesday, Tiffany and I visited Apanas Coffee & Beer on South Congress. I was pleasantly surprised with this coffee shop! Not only because the coffee was delicious, but also because of the overall vibe at Apanas was extremely chill and welcoming. We were also able to talk to the founder and owner of Apanas,  Aamil Sarfani, and ask him various questions about Apanas to get some special insight. He was initially inspired to open a coffee shop after spending time in Nicaragua, meeting coffee farmers, and tasting some of “the best coffee he’s ever tasted”. The name Apanas is named after lake Apanas in Nicaragua, where the coffee is sourced from (faire trade!). Check out the video at the bottom for the full interview!


Atmosphere Vibes

The atmosphere was lovely. Even though it was a rainy day, the open windows lining the store front let in the perfect amount of morning light and made the place feel happy. Since the staff was so friendly, it felt a little bit like walking into your friend’s house to hang out.

There was plenty of seating, including bar seating as well. There were also games available if you want to play some games while sipping on your coffee and beer.


From left to right: Barista Manager Scott, Owner & Founder Aamil, Videography Tiffany


Happy Hour & Trivia Nights!

Yes and yes! Have y’all ever played trivia? It’s so much fun, even if you don’t have a lot of trivia knowledge. Apanas has trivia nights on Thursdays, and their happy hours are Monday – Friday 4:00-7:00pm! Check them out!

Happy Hour at Apanas: Monday – Friday 4:00pm-7:00pm


Any coffee shop that takes time to make a design in the cappuccino foam is on my good side, so Apanas was off to a good start already. Tiffany and I ordered our usual almond milk and soy milk cappuccinos, and they were delicious. The flavor of the coffee beans really came through and hit the spot. This Nicaraguan coffee is something you should put on your “to try” list, for sure. Aamil recommends the good ol’ fashioned pour over for the purest flavor!


P.s. Their coffee is super instagram worthy!

Final Thoughts

Being someone who has spent a lot of time in Nicaragua sipping on delicious coffee, the vision of Aamil with Apanas immediately reached to my heart. Aamil is working directly with coffee farmers, sourcing the best beans that are 100% fair trade. He was very passionate about having a transparent shop where you don’t have to worry about where your coffee is coming from. Tiffany and I had such a fantastic time visiting Apanas, and plan to return and maybe even try out their trivia nights!

We also want to give a special thank you to Apanas for welcoming us and taking time to let us interview you and hear the heart of Apanas!


Check out the video below for the full interview with the owner, and to get a feel of the atmosphere here.

Videography: Tiffany Shim                   Photography: Sierra Lee Photography
Instagram: Managed by Tiffany           Blog: Managed by Sierra                 Facebook: Managed by Tiffany & Sierra!
Featured Model: Heather Cvitanovich from HLC Photography

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