Flitch Coffee | ATX COFFEE VIBES

641 Tillery, Austin, TX 78702


When Tiffany and I visited Flitch Coffee, we had such a blast and really enjoyed soaking up the sun and relaxing in their giant out-door seating area. We loved how Flitch took the “coffee shop vibe” and added a unique twist by having it in a trailer. The adorable succulents placed about the property also added a unique feel. I felt like I had happened upon an awesome little coffee shop in the middle of the desert – it’s secluded enough to relax and “turn off” your mind from work mode, yet it’s still in the heart of east Austin.


Atmosphere Vibes

This is definitely a “leave your work at home” coffee shop. Although they do have WiFi, why would you want to bring your laptop or tablet when you can sit outside and enjoy the weather in the huge back yard patio?



The outside patio is huge and spacious, while the inside is quaint and cozy (check the vlog at the bottom of this post to catch the FULL view of the patio!).


I loved the wooden accents to the interior, it definitely made it feel more like a cabin than a trailer!

Coffee & Treats


I kept it simple with an iced coffee, and I enjoyed it. The flavor wasn’t too bold, but just strong enough. They also sell baked goods which looked SO good, and I regret not getting one! I definitely will go back to try one of their treats.




The Barista told us their most popular drink right now is the Maple Latte, made with pure maple syrup! That sounds uhhhh-mazing!

My Favorite Part –  The Company Dog


My favorite part of visiting Flitch was this adorable dog who roamed the patio. He was so sweet and calm, and was happy to receive a good petting. He mostly wandered around and ate sticks without paying much attention to the other people or dogs there, but he was too cute! I’m not 100% sure who he belonged too, but he seemed quite at home soaking up the sun in the giant out-door area. What a cutie!

Final Thoughts

Tiffany and I really enjoyed relaxing in the patio. Flitch is the place to visit when the weather is beautiful, like it has been lately! Check out our vlog to catch a better glimpse inside Flitch and to hear honest feedback from a loyal Flitch customer!

Videography: Tiffany Shim | Photography: Sierra Lee Photography

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