Zhi Tea | ATX Coffee Vibes

4607 Bolm Rd, Austin, TX 78702


Okay, so this wasn’t exactly a “coffee” shop per se, but the TEA and the overall experience was noteworthy! That’s why Tiffany and I decided to vlog our experience there!

Shop, Eat, Sip on Tea!


Zhi Tea is a local Tea dispensary here in Austin, so not only can you shop copious amounts of pure teas and tea blends, you can also order them – hot or iced! And when I say copious, I’m not exaggerating. You can see about half of the teas in the photo above, but theres another wall in addition to that one, stocked with green teas, white teas, black teas, grey teas, floral teas, and you name it! I may be a coffee connesiour, but I can definitely appreciate some good tea.

Zhi Tea offers tasty cafe style foods too! I ordered a basil grilled cheese sandwich and it HIT THE SPOT. Seriously, it might seem like I’m over enthused about this place, but in all seriousness, it’s a place worth the enthusiasm.



The tea was also exceptional. We ordered a mug of chamomile and a carafe of a lavender blend tea. We stirred in some coconut milk and fresh honey, and it was the perfect drink for a warm winter day (you know those Texas winters!).


The Atmosphere


Very “zen”. Maybe it’s because of all the tea and origami sprinkled about the store, or maybe it was because of the awesome employee who greeted us. Either way, we definitely noticed this is a place meant for relaxing.


There’s also a huge back yard with ample amounts of space to do cart wheels and hand stands (see the vlog for that!), and nice seating.


Final Thoughts

Tiffany and I really loved visiting Zhi Tea. It was a pleasure meeting Melanie, one of the employees who gave us the down low of Zhi Tea. The food was fantastic, and the tea was yummy! Zhi Tea is a place to visit when you feel like enjoying good quality, local tea, and having a good time.

Check out our vlog below to catch the full experience and hear our chat with Melanie!


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