Stouthaus Coffee Pub | ATX COFFEE VIBES

4715 S Lamar Blvd #102, Sunset Valley, TX 78745


Stouthaus is an awesome coffee pub with the best natural lighting in town. You see all those windows? It makes the environment ideal for working and getting stuff done, and hanging out with friends!


As always, we must mention the atmosphere of this place.. I mean, half of a good coffee experience has to do with atmosphere, right?


The atmosphere here is extremely diverse, but somehow it works. I saw people working, studying, holding business meetings, and mothers hanging out with their babes, yet somehow everyone seemed to fit right in! I even went back the following Saturday to get some work done myself!

I really loved all the decorations and how the overall vibe is modern/industrial… It makes for good instagrams!

P.s. To all the Star Wars fans out there, this place is laced with remnants of really neat Star Wars things! Check it out & let me know if you find the storm trooper 🙂


Food, Coffee, Pastries, Beer


They pretty much have it all. I’ve had their Taco Deli breakfast tacos, Pastries from Quacks, and various coffee drinks. My favorite drink from Stouthaus would have to be their pour-over (I had the panama blend). It was so robust with hints of cocoa and berry. It is probably one of the best pour-overs I’ve had… which makes me feel bad to say that & cheat on my love for Nicaraguan coffee, but it was really something else.


They also have quite a selection on tap for the beer drinkers!


Awesome Dog-Friendly Patio

I don’t know if it’s a Sunset Valley thing, but all the dogs I saw on the patio were the cutest dogs in the world! Their outdoor patio is awesome with ample seating and good lighting – perfect for a warm day.


Final Thoughts

When Tiffany and I visited Stouthaus, we had an awesome time! We got to meet Sandy, one of the owners, along with some amazing employees, Lady Dee and Abby. The whole crew was so welcoming and really made our visit memorable. Another great thing about Stouthaus is the fact that it’s one of the only coffee shops in this area, so all you sunset valley folk can now rest at ease, because you don’t have to fight the downtown traffic for good coffee anymore!

Watch Our Video For More!

Check out our review for more, and for a special chat with Sandy!


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