Cafe Nena’i | ATX Coffee Vibes

1700 Montopolis Dr, Suite A, Austin Tx


Wow wow wow! On my way to visit this cafe, I was actually quite stressed, and I almost got pulled over by a cop (Praise the Lord, I didn’t!). However, the second I walked in and saw the barista with a huge smile on her face dancing to some Latino beats, I couldn’t help but lighten up my spirit. Cafe Nena’i just had something light and easy going to the atmosphere, thanks Gladys, the face of this cafe.


100 out of 100! This place was so fun, I am already looking for excuses to go back. Gladys was so fun and friendly that she makes everyone want to come back. In addition to the lighthearted vibe from this place, the overall aesthetic is on point: clean and classy! All the black and gold accents added a nice contrast with all the natural lighting from the huge windows of the store front.


The cafe itself is pretty small, so it makes it nice for small groups, or people going to enjoy a cup of coffee alone.

My favorite thing about the overall atmosphere would have to be the upbeat latino music playing. It immediately took me back to the days I’d spend in Nicaragua. In fact, the whole vibe of this place took me right back to Nicaragua, and I loved that. It felt like a place I could hang out all day.


The Menu

The Drinks

Every drink (and food, but we’ll get to that!) Tiffany and I tried tasted like it came straight from heaven. I’m not exaggerating. The Cortadito’s we had reminded me of my Puerto Rican moms’s specialty coffee drink she always makes me when I go visit her (Okay so she’s not really my blood-mother, but the details don’t really matter here :P). The Cortadito is made with the perfect blend of espresso, milk and sugar, coming out as a frothy cup of goodness. Gladys said the cortadito’s always make her want to dance too (which you’ll likely catch her sals-ing to the music when you visit)! These drinks have the perfect balance of caffeine and sugar to kick start your day – that’s for sure.

We also tried the Cocido con Leche which is a really light milk – tea! Gladys said the cocido con leche pairs perfectly with their chipas! I really enjoyed both drinks we had, it’s almost too hard to choose a favorite!


The Food

Can you go wrong with authentic central/south American cuisine? No. You can never go wrong. Gladys’s mother hand bakes every goodie they sell in store, from the Empanadas, to the sandwiches, to the Arepas… And we tried (almost) one of everything. I still need to go back and try the beef empanadas!nenai-1-of-7


Final Thoughts

Yes! I loved everything about Cafe Nena’i. The atmosphere really lifted my spirits, the coffee was fantastic and the food was on point. I also loved Gladys’ happy-go-lucky spirit and all her awesome salsa moves.


Wanna see more? Check out our vlog below (and meet Gladys)!


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