Happy Earth Day! Here are some easy ways to give back!

Happy Earth Day! I have been looking forward to this day since last year! Mostly because I love Earth Day and it’s kind of the whole purpose of my blog. So Earth Day for me kind of feels like a personal holiday…

Also, I failed to post something last Earth Day because I was too busy and forgot :,( Blogger FAIL. Anyway, I’m coming to you THIS year with some easy ways YOU can celebrate Earth Day, which will actually make a huge difference and positive impact on the earth!

1. Commit to STOP using single-use cups

This small change actually makes a HUGE difference (especially if you’re like me and go out to get coffee daily). Stop buying packages of water bottles, gatorade, etc, and instead, buy a cute reusable to-go cup that you can’t wait to flaunt (preferably an eco friendly material like glass or stainless steel), and then commit to using only that cup when you go out.

You will forget the cup at times, so don’t beat yourself up. My advice is either to leave it in your purse or your car, that way when you are thirsty on the go unexpectedly, you have your cup with you, so you can go wherever to get a drink!

I think the biggest difference maker is always carrying your watter bottle with you instead of buying single use plastic water bottles. I know some people who use several throw away water bottles a day… Think about how much waste that is! By discontinuing the consumption of single use water bottles, you will make a huuuuge difference and take a big step in the right direction!

It’s really simple: Start by NOT BUYING single use watter bottles anymore, then you won’t be able to waste them. Then go buy a reusable water bottle (if you don’t already have one) and carry that baby with you everywhere!

2. Commit to only buying from fair trade sources

Fair trade could be anything from the coffee you buy to the clothes you wear daily. Although we should be buying strictly fair trade, a lot of us never think twice about where our products are coming from.

You might wonder what fair trade has to do with the earth, but it actually has a LOT to do with the earth. The fashion industry for one, is actually one of the top polluters (right beneath agriculture and oil) and top waste producers, because of something called “fast fashion” (see my blog post about that here). By choosing to shop through fair-trade sources, you’re not only making a statement about ending modern day slavery, but you’re paying companies that are committed to being a positive influence in the fashion industry, and hold higher environmental standards. Although not all fair-trade companies have eco-friendly practices, most fair trade companies I have found are also committed to using organic bio-degradable materials that are safe for the environment, and running production in an environmentally conscious way.  I’ve found that fair-trade & eco-friendly usually go hand in hand.

Honestly, buying only from fair trade companies might be the hardest one for me personally because I really enjoy fashion, and fair trade fashion tends to be a little more on the expensive side. So for me, that means having self control and instead of shopping at places like Forever 21, Target and H&M, saving up for a couple months to buy something specific if I’m in need of it. It means having a smaller wardrobe, but also one that will last a while because the quality is better!

So when you’re out and about shopping, look for these stamps on your food items, clothing, etc…
And have self control! Don’t support companies that have slaves making products just because we want the newest, hottest pair of booties. Don’t go on a huge shopping spree and buy a bunch of fashion that you’ll just trash later on.

Here’s my general process of shopping when I need something: 

  • Ask my sisters and close friends if they have any unwanted items (whatever I’m specifically looking for)
  • If I can’t find a hand-me-down, then I check thrift shops and consignment stores
  • If thrift stores don’t have anything, then I save and splurge a little on a new fair trade product.

3. Commit to using reusable grocery and produce bags

This is another small change that makes a huge difference. We do a lot of shopping, and if your city is still one of the cities that gives plastic bags like there ain’t no tomorrow, this is something you need to watch out for. Stores love bags on bags on bags, and most of the time, these bags are NOT RECYCLABLE. So that means they’re either going into a landfill to hangout for the next million years or they’re polluting our water sources. Either way, it’s a pretty disasterous scenario. Buy using reusbale bags, you help put an end to this! You can get reusable produce bags here and adorable fair trade canvas bags here. Also, most grocery stores these days have reusbale bags for sale at the checkout. Next time you’re there, just buy a few 🙂

Alright, so I know all those changes take practice and patience, but in theory, they’re super easy! They’re small changes that make a huge difference.

If you commit to making small changes here and there, no matter how long it takes you to actually fully achieve those, you’ll still be making a difference along the way. Every little bit helps. Even if a year from now, you’re waste is only 30% less, that’s still 30% less waste than the year before – celebrate that victory!

Let’s keep fighting for a clean earth, friends! Let’s celebrate this Earth Day by doing something kind for the earth!

Stay eco friendly ✌🏼




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