Safety Razor Review: Tried & True

My journey to “zero waste” has been a roller coaster, where the ups have been great and I’ve produced little to no waste, and the downs are crazy & frightening at how much waste I can produce. However, I’m trying to have a little grace with myself and realize that even my “bad” days with waste are still not horrible because overall, I am still making an effort to reduce my waste. Our society isn’t exactly ZW friendly (yet)… but anyways, all that to say, I’ve recently had a ZW win!

I finally switched over to a Safety Razor.

I’m not going to lie, I was terrified at first. I read forums on forums, and messaged other bloggers who had switched over. Unfortunately, none of the bloggers answered my questions, so I decided to take the leap of faith myself and try it out. So here’s my tried & true, honest review. I’ll answer the questions you might have, and if you have more questions, feel free to comment or message me and I will respond.



Part 1: The Good

  • Easy to Use!
    Using a safety razor is not as hard to use as you’d think. I shaved so slowly the first time because I was afraid to cut myself, but by the second use I was shaving at my normal speed.
  • A Clean Shave!
    My underarms have never felt so smooth!
  • Eco Friendly!
    Obviously it’s environmentally friendly which was why I switched in the first place! Instead of trashing razor heads, only the blade needs replacing. The best part is that they’re recyclable and if you find the right company, all you have to do is mail your razor blades back and they take care of the recycling part.
  • Impress your friends!
    I’m not going to lie, I like when people see my razor now because it’s a fun conversation starter. It’s such an antique art so I love that it’s being brought back!
  • Save Money!
    Keeping up with the most recent razor trend is kind of exhausting. Venus will always have a new improved razor that is more expensive than the last… and then not to mention the over priced replacement blades. $16 for a 4 pack??? No thanks….
  • No razor burn!
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I haven’t had razor burn since I switched over. Razor burn and razor bumps used to be such a bad problem for me that I wouldn’t wear shorts because my thighs were so irritated that it was embarrassing. All the bumps are gone now!

Part 2: The Bad

  • Razor Cuts 😦
    Okay so the cuts aren’t horrible, but you definitely have to shave with caution around the bony areas of skin (shins, knees, etc) to avoid small cuts. The first week I switched over, I had a small cut every time I shaved around my ankles. It was too bony around that area and I would press too hard, causing the cut. The cuts happen less frequently now, but they still happen occasionally. You do have to shave with some level of care because the blade is so sharp.
  • Replace the Blades Often
    Even when you pay attention to keeping your razor dry in between uses, it starts to tarnish quickly. I have found that I get the best and cleanest shaves when I change the blades every 7-10 days.
  • It’s Dangerous
    Keep in mind that you are handling an open razor blade every time you replace the blade. Especially be cautious if you have curious children or pets who might get into it. They can cut themselves by accidents by one simple mistake. Even adults could mistakenly touch the razor and cut themselves, as my older sister did. She didn’t know what my razor was until she touched the blade and quickly realized it was indeed a razor.

The Q&A

  • How do I use it?
    Just like you would a regular razor. You don’t have to press harder or lighter, and generally you don’t have to use it at any particular angle.
  • How does it handle on different parts of the body?
    I feel like I get the best shave on more plump areas of skin rather than the bony areas. For example, my underarms, thighs, and under side of my calves always have the cleanest shave. The shin is a hard spot for me because it’s such a hard bone on my body. I will usually get my minor cuts around my shins, ankles and knees.
  • How often should I replace the blade?
    I wouldn’t use a blade any longer than 2 weeks. I try to change my blade every 7 to 10 days.
  • How much does it cost & Where can I find one?
    I found my razor at Walmart for only $17.79 including the first pack of blades. You can buy one from Amazon for only $16.70 and get a subscription to receive blades as needed. Replacement blades are crazy cheap, costing only ~ $0.80 per blade. You can buy them in bulk from amazon as well.
  • How do I put the razor blade in my razor?
    I would have never figured this out without the help of my friend Christina, so I’m going to show you how to assemble this with a short low quality iPhone video (lol)!


Final Thoughts

I’m definitely happy with my purchase and I won’t be switching back to regular razors. I love my safety razor and would strongly recommend you try it out too! And this blog post isn’t paid or sponsored in anyway, just an honest review 🙂 Comment or message me if you have any questions!

Stay eco-friendly my friends 🙂




4 thoughts on “Safety Razor Review: Tried & True

    1. I’m not sure but I don’t think it is because this blade has 2 sharp sides so that you can shave with either side, versus a typical hardware blade with only 1 sharp side.
      The safety razors are definitely a safer option than the straight razor though!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I also have really sensitive skin but it’s fine for me! Especially since typical razors have the “soap” bar on it for a smoother shave, typically those soaps would irritate my skin.


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