What I eat in a day | Vegan + Gluten Free Meal Ideas

Since the movies Okja and What the Health were released on Netflix, there’s been a huuuuge influx of humans interested in going vegan. It’s totally cool and I fully support this movement! However, I did find it strange when some of my friends started messaging me and asking me how to go vegan or tips, etc… I don’t consider myself a vegan, so I was taken off guard at first… But I can’t lie, it kind of felt nice that people were interested in how I eat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super random because I’m just your average Jane, but for some reason I felt like these lost children out in the world suddenly needed my guidance, so here I am, feeding my ego and sharing what I eat in a day for those who care.

Honestly this post feels so self righteous and I’m kind of “eh” about it, but hey, I feel like this might also be helpful to some. For others, you’re probably thinking “I really don’t care what Sierra eats in a day”, and to you all, I say thank you! Thanks for not caring, because honestly these “What I ______ in a Day” posts are so strange to me, but they seem to be a trend in the blogging world… And for some reason I keep reading every single one from the bloggers I follow LOL

Anyway, my existential crisis is over – now onto the part some of you might be interested in. I’m going to share easy recipes with you guys that don’t include meat OR dairy OR animal products… Easy as in, if I’m willing to make it, you KNOW it’s easy.

So here we go! I hope you enjoy my low quality Instagram-story photos and less than professional recipes! haha – this is the most “real-life” blog post I’ve ever shared (as in I’m not spending hours preparing meals, staging photos, editing, re-editing, and so on)…. Enjoy 😀


Fruit + Veggie smoothie
Blend 1 cup coconut water, 1/2 Apple, 1 peach, 1/2 banana and 1 cup of spinach. You’ve got yourself a peachy green smoothie (totally stealing this recipe from Juiceland in Austin because it’s my fav – They probably have the copyright to the name “Peachy Green” so don’t tell on me 🙂 )


Mediterranean Salad & Hummus

Salad makings: romaine lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, cucumber, & kalamata olives. For the dressing, squeeze 1/2 a lemon and lightly drizzle extra virgin olive oil. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and oregano, and toss until all the goods are mixed in.

Eat the hummus by itself as a tasty protein side dish or dip your cucumbers (or your favorite veggie) in it!

** I also JUST realized a typo in my IG Story ^ That’s supposed to say “Tomato”, I have no idea where “Totamo” came from (hahaha)



Ps. Look at my cute “fruit” fork. These are my favorite utensils.. You can find them at asian markets. Once you eat fruit with these guys you will experience a whole new world. You’re welcome 🙂


Kimchi Jjigae, Pap and Banchan (Aka Spicy Cabbage Soup, Steamed Rice, Side dishes!)

Image from Vegan8Korean

Kimchi Jjigae is almost a staple in my diet because of how easy it is to make! I usually put about 1 cup of Kimchi* in a pot, and then cover the kimchi with water and turn it on high. I let it boil for about 10 minutes and remove any foam (from the starches?) in the water, lower the heat to medium-low, cover, and let it cook for about 20 more minutes.

Depending on your favorite method of steaming rice, you may want to start the rice before the kimchi jjigae. I have a rice cooker that cooks rice in about 10-15 minutes so I usually start the rice after I’ve started the kimchi jjigae.

Since I’m usually too hungry to spend a lot of time making sides, my go to is usually julienned carrots sautéed in a little EVOO with some salt and pepper. Another super easy side is boiled spinach – boil it enough to soften the leaves, squeeze excess water from it, and then mix in a small drop of sesame seed oil along with a dash of salt and you’re good to go. I usually make these while the jjigae is cooking.

After the rice is steamed, your sides are done and the soup has boiled for about 30 minutes (total), you’re ready to dine!

*A lot of Kimchi Recipes are made with Anchovy so if you’re looking for a vegan option just read the ingredients and make sure there’s no anchovy!

And there you guys have it – what I eat in a day! Honestly, eating less meat and even going “vegan” (actually plant based, but I’ll post about the differences later) is so much easier than most people think. My favorite cuisines are Meditteranean and Korean partially because so many of the meals consist of just vegetables! VERY rarely do Korean dishes call for dairy, and so many Korean dishes can easily be made vegan by removing the meat. Plus they’re so tasty and healthy!

I hope those of you who are interested in eating less meat have found inspiration from this post! I’ll be posting more “professional” recipes soon with better quality photos and better directions lol… Just wanted to throw this out there 😀

As always… I love you guys!




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