We’re Married! | Our Wedding Story, Photos & Hurricane Harvey

As most of you know by now, Tim and I got married this past weekend on Saturday, August 26th! The week leading up to our wedding was I N S A N E, as I’m sure anyone who has been married knows.


Pre-Hurricane Harvey

On the Saturday prior to our wedding, I checked the weather forecast and it looked perfect – partially cloudy and 85 degrees. My heart fluttered with excitement, as our wedding was set to take place at Umlauf Sculpture Garden, a beautiful outdoor venue in Austin. I continued to check the weather, and on Sunday it looked like there was a slight chance of rain. I stayed positive because I know Texas weather is unpredictable. I kept checking the weather daily, and the “possibility” of rain kept growing from 10% to 100%.

By Thursday, two days before our wedding, I realized this wasn’t just a “rain storm”, but this was a hurricane blowing in… a category 4 hurricane. I realized at that point that the forecast wouldn’t be changing, it would definitely be hurricane-ing on our wedding day. I tried to stay calm and find solutions, calling tent companies at the last minute, etc, but Friday night before our rehearsal when the wind blew in and the rain started pouring, Tim and I found ourselves in our church sanctuary discussing moving our ceremony at the last minute to our church. This would mean I need to make a facebook announcement and call everyone right then. I’m not going to lie, in that moment, I really wanted to break down and cry. Months of planning – gone. All that money – wasted. Thankfully in a brief moment of silence as we weighed our options, I received a call from our venue and they offered to clear out their indoor museum so we could hold our ceremony indoors. Ally, the event manager, said they would clean and clear everything just for us, if we wanted to move the ceremony indoors. We were so relieved and gladly accepted the offer.

Suddenly we both felt a lot more confident – this could still work. We wouldn’t have to change the location, instead just move indoors. I immediately called our tent rental vendor and asked if it was too late to cancel & receive a refund – even though the contract clearly states there are no refunds past 48 hours. She said she would check with the manager and let me know, but either way, I think Tim and I were both relieved that we wouldn’t be stuck outside in the hurricane during our wedding anymore.

I had to let go of my vision of having a beautiful outdoor wedding, pretty outdoor photos, and everything, but honestly I was more happy that we were still having a wedding, so the fact that everything we originally wanted wasn’t going to happen wasn’t as bad as you might think. I mean by this point, I think we had already gone through every possibility and emotion, so when things started working out, we really felt like, although some doors were closing, God was swinging other doors open.

Saturday Morning – Getting Ready in a Hurricane

I think I slept maybe 4 hours Friday night because I was so anxious and ready to be married already… I woke up around 5:40 AM and began getting ready to head to the garden. It was dark and the rain was pouring down on my drive there, so by the time I arrived and got inside, I was already soaked. I was greeted by a lady who was unlocking the doors for us, and when she opened the door, I saw the museum had not been cleaned out. The statues had been moved, but there were ladders and cleaning equipment, benches, and random walls placed about. I was initially distressed, but I am a bit of a problem solver, so my first instinct was to figure out how to make it work. The lady who opened the door said she was told we couldn’t move anything else, but I kindly informed her that Ally had told me otherwise. I asked her if we could at least move the ladders and random equipment out of the way, as we were told the venue would be clean. She seemed to be okay with that, so on that note, I headed into my room and started getting my hair and makeup ready to go as I waited for vendors to arrive. In my head, I was thinking, “How in the world are we going to fit that many chairs in such a strange shape?”

Walls were blocking the area in which I had initially imagined our ceremony would be, so we were left with a strangely shaped room with walls separating sections. Finally the chair people arrived, and my lovely coordinator worked to find a solution of how to make it work. At that point, I pretty much just let my coordinator take over and tried to focus on enjoying my last morning as an unmarried individual 🙂 My sisters arrived shortly after and started helping and getting ready. From that point, the morning seemed to go pretty smoothly for me. I did occasionally hear many voices and people scrambling around, and it sounded a little crazy outside, but I stayed in my room away from the craziness. haha.

The rest of the morning flew by. Dash, from Lavish Beauty ATX, finished my hair and makeup, I slipped on my wedding dress, and then I was anxiously awaiting the first look, when I could finally see Tim. I was so ready to see him that every moment felt like forever. Kendall, my lovely long time friend and photographer finally came in my room and said we were good to go.

The First Look

Walking out to see Tim, I don’t remember seeing anyone else except him. He had his back towards me, and when I walked out, Kendall said some instructions to me and honestly, I don’t have any idea what she said because I was so excited to see Tim.. haha Sorry Kendall. I walked slowly towards Tim and when I reached him, with his back still facing me, he said “I’m nervous.” Finally I touched him and he turned around. Everything felt fine in that moment. We exchanged a few words, I don’t remember what to be honest, I just remember he had the same nervous voice as the day he proposed. So sweet and soft.


From there, we both went inside and waited for the ceremony to begin. I remember hearing the music begin, the songs change, watching my sisters walk in front of me, and taking my dad’s arm and waiting for our song to begin. Finally, the moment came. The song started, and we were good to go. Y’all – my mind was everywhere. Are my flowers okay? Is my dress okay? Am I walking too fast? Smile at the people. Breathe. Look at Tim.

The Ceremony

I didn’t cry going down the aisle – I think I was so ready to be standing there with Tim that walking down the aisle towards him felt right. Finally we were there, standing side by side, ready to be married. Our pastor shared a lovely message and somehow cleverly worked the hurricane into the message, which was extremely fitting.


After the message, we exchanged our vows, which is basically when all the emotions happened for me. Haha… not just because I love Tim and I’ve been waiting to promise my love to him forever, but also because I know how hard that promise is to fulfill. They were partially happy tears and partially “I know this will suck at times but I’m still choosing it” tears. But enduring love through pain is the nature of God’s love, and in knowing the gravity of His promise to mankind and our promises to each other, that’s a heavy and special moment.

My favorite part of our whole wedding ceremony though, apart from the lovely message and the vows, was the part where we honored our parents. This is a Korean wedding tradition that I wish was included in American weddings because of how beautiful and emotional it is. I didn’t really know what to expect when we went to his parents first to bow, then to hug… But when we both bowed, I think it’s safe to say us and everyone watching us started crying. I mean, these are the people who birthed us and raised us up and gave everything… It’s a very humbling experience that I can’t really describe well with words, but a lovely part of a wedding ceremony.


Also shoutout to Kendall for being invisible and everywhere and snapping these amazing shots. This one ^ is one of my favorites… as I will probably say about every photo that she took haha.
After we bowed and hugged our parents, we went back to Pastor Charles where he announced we were officially Mr. and Mrs. Kim, we kissed, and we were off! kim-wedding-5549
And another shoutout, to my MoH Heather for fixing my dress and helping me not get tangled.

The Rain Stopped

As soon as the ceremony began, the rain slowed down. By the time the ceremony was over, the rain had stopped and the sun started shining. I hadn’t noticed until we both walked outside and saw the calm air. What a blessing from God! Tim told me when he saw the sun peaking through, he immediately thought of this passage from Mark 3:15-17.

Jesus replied, “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” Then John consented.

As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

We took the opportunity of no rain to run out and take some couple photos! We managed to get in all the photos we wanted and were about to start on the family photos when the rain started up again. I am so happy we had a moment of no rain to enjoy some photos though!




The Reception

After a little time of family photos and visiting, we headed off to the reception, where we enjoyed Pho, Cake, Photos & Photo Booth Fun, and a little Dancing. Our first dance was really funny because neither one of us dance, and the whole time we were basically asking, “should we try and do a spin or a dip and make it interesting?” Eventually we did one spin, and from that point, the song felt like it lasted 4 hours. We had fun though, I think we were just embracing the moment… It was literally the first time we had ever danced together!

The Father Daughter dance was special to me, because my dad told me so many sweet and lovely things, and then ended with “Tell Tim I want you to have 5 boys and 5 girls.”… I laughed! I think we’re good on the kids for now 🙂 But it was a sweet moment with my dad, one that I will cherish forever.

The other things were normal wedding things, so I won’t take time to share all the details , I will just say the day was nice.

Although the hurricane came in and changed everything at the last minute, the ceremony was special and the reception was beautiful. The visits with family and friends were priceless, and there wasn’t a single moment I didn’t enjoy. One of my goals was to take everything in and enjoy it, and I believe I did so successfully.

Tim and I were tired by the end of it all, but it was worth it. What a special time to share with those we love and those who love and support us!



Behind the Scenes Photos (AKA blurry cell phone pics from mine and others haha)



This beautiful photo belongs to Arianna soon to be Klaus 😉











The Thank You’s!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who braved the weather and attended our wedding. It means a lot to us that we have so much love and support from our family and friends!

Next, I want to say thank you to all of our vendors, who all went above and beyond to make our wedding special.

Kendall Nicole Studios – I’m so grateful that you were the one to capture our wedding. Your joy is contagious and a bright light that shines for all to see 🙂

Dash, Lavish Beauty ATX – You’re so awesome and super chill, and handled the craziness of “getting ready” with ease. Your confidence brings a calmness to the room! And the makeup held up through the hurricane!!!!

Lady D, Black Petal Floral Design – I wasn’t sure what to expect with the greenery since I wouldn’t be able to see it until we were walking into our reception, but it was SO BEAUTIFUL. The greenery was perfect 🙂 Thank you for decorating our reception with life.

Ally, Umlauf Sculpture Garden – Thank you for clearing out the museum just for us to use! It was so accommodating to bend the rules so that our wedding could go a little more smoothly! I’d recommend this venue to those seeking a party/wedding venue for sure!

DNA Events / Dagar’s Catering – I used to work for a catering company, so believe me when I say, you guys are TIP TOP. Amazing. Not only was everyone so nice, and made sure Tim and I were enjoying ourselves, you guys went over the top and cleaned everything so quickly, and did the cake cutting service for us at the last minute, even though we hadn’t requested that service or paid for it. Y’all are amazing. My favorite part was that DNA Events handled all the chairs, linens, food, and lighting service! So many phone calls and quotes that I didn’t have to make…. I would definitely hire y’all again!

Blazin Events – DJ & Photo Booth – Juan, thank you so much for putting together an amazing playlist, AND dealing with my last minute song requests. You and Rachel provided great tunes for our wedding 🙂
Sergio, everyone LOVED the Photo Booth! Thanks for putting that together, especially thank you for coming all the way to Austin after moving Star to Tech… You and Sita are amazing 🙂

Bougies Donuts & Combo Donuts – I called Bougies less than 24 hours before and asked to place a huge order. Although I had talked to them before, I hadn’t gotten back with them about a final answer, but they were still awesome enough to bake a big order of donuts for our wedding 🙂 I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed those donuts!! They were almost all gone!

Combo’s donut holes were great and super cheap!!

Sweetness Bakery –  You guys turned a vegan cake into the most tasty thing ever!!! Although I am bummed, because the cake was such a big hit that I didn’t get to taste the Lemon with raspberry jam, which was the one I wanted most LOL… I will be going back on our 1 year anniversary to get our little cake 🙂

Heather, the Bouquet Florist, AKA my sister and Maid of Honor – WOAH. Your bouquets impressed me. Thank you for taking the time and money to put together all of the bouquets we needed… I don’t really remember what y’alls bouquets looked like to be honest, but mine was so beautiful and I loved holding it all day 🙂 I’m so impressed by your floral skills. Also, thanks for being a good maid of honor and checking on me throughout the planning process, and fixing my dress after I walked down the aisle, and giving a sweet toast in the reception. I love you 🙂

To all of my friends who helped, and more – I literally cannot thank you all enough for all the effort you put into our wedding. We couldn’t have done it without you, seriously! Arianna, Holiman, Grace, Sheena, Victoria, Samuel, Matthew, David Lee, and anyone else who I missed (I know I saw more people helping), you guys are so special and loving to offer your time to help things go smoothly. Let me know when you get married, I’ll be there 😉

Pastor Charles – Thank you for taking the time to counsel Tim and I before we entered our marriage, and for being the one who married us. The ceremony was one I will never forget. Thanks for being a part of it!

Nami, my coordinator – Last but not least, thank you Nami for helping me in all the ways!  You were so amazing and helped things run smoothly. I’m so glad that Grace voluntold you to help me 🙂 It’s been great getting to know you and your family. You guys are all so sweet and awesome people. Thanks for going above and beyond and meeting up with me and following up with me and being Type A so that I didn’t have to be. You’re amazing!


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