About Sierra

grey-shirt-wide-leg-pant-9-of-10Hello lovelies!

My name is Sierra. I am a 23 year old dreamer and entrepreneur at heart. I have about 100 different passions I’m pursuing in life, and blogging is one of them.

Some of my passions include:

  • Photo Journalism
  • The Environment
  • Ethical Fashion
  • Human Rights
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • God, Jesus and the Church
  • Music & Worship
  • Minimalism
  • Zero Waste
  • Coffee

As you could probably guess, picking a major in college was one of the hardest life decisions I ever had to make. I started college wanting to be a psychology major, switched to engineering (hydrology), switched to biology, switched to political science, then to business, and then finally declaring my major officially as International Studies, with a concentration in Latin American and East Asian studies.  I absolutely loved my degree plan and every single one of my classes. I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2014 but in my mind, I’m not done being a student yet. Lord willing, I have dreams to attend graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin and pursue a Master’s Degree in Earth Sciences, furthering my studies in renewable energy and sustainable clean water sources. My biggest dream would be to operate or partner with a non-profit whose primary focus is bringing pure water to developing nations. My liberal arts degree doesn’t set me up well to jump into a science degree plan at UT, as they have a pretty slim margin of people they are looking for, but regardless, I’m determined to see my dream become a reality.. not for myself, but for nations who don’t have the luxuries I have.

To a lot of people, I’m just a complicated girl with big dreams.. But I know God placed those dreams and passions in my heart for a reason. I’m the most fulfilled when I’m following Him and doing what he’s called me to do… That is to generate freedom through worshiping, writing, and leading, for this generation and generations to come… To make a lasting impact in the lives of people.

Thus, the “Life of The Free” was born.